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Are you suffering silently from chronic or unpredictable pain? Constantly feeling stiff and tired? Unsatisfied with your poor posture? Are you frustrated that nothing seems to help? If so, please read on, for you are not alone…

Many years ago, I undertook a journey to understand the unexplainable pain and fatigue which I had battled since childhood. Through this journey, I met many teachers who showed me how to identify different sources of my pain and the methods to reduce and even remove these pains. Over the years, I have successfully integrated these methods to address my ailments and now lead a pain-free life. It has also motivated me to develop Fern Yoga to bring pain relief to people who have up to now found no effective means of leading a pain-free life.

Fern Yoga brings together the foundations of Structural Yoga™ Therapy, Pilates with many other therapeutic techniques such as Muscle Manipulative Treatment, Pressure points and aromatherapy. Its application focuses on Pain Relief,Posture Alignment, Muscle Balance and Joint Stability, enabling many practitioners to alleviate muscular chronic pains, improve their wellness and form through better posture, joint freedom, muscle flexibility and strength, as well as develop a lifelong practice to derive long term benefits from Fern Yoga.

Explore this website to learn more about the benefits of Fern Yoga . Whether you are experiencing nagging pain, muscle tightness or want to shake off your calories, contact Fern to discuss how you can begin your personal journey and join many others who are benefitting from Fern's teachings in a stress-free and holistic environment.

With Respect and Love,

Fern Lim N.T.N
Structural Yoga™ Therapist (U.S. Certified)
Yoga Teacher (India Certified)
Pilates Teacher (Australia Certified)

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