Rotator Cuff Tear- Shoulder
I've been suffering from a bad shoulder ache for years. After just one session of Fern Yoga, I no longer need to take painkillers before going to bed every night!
(James Wang, Taiwan)

Upper back- neck pain
I have been suffering neck and upper back pain for years and have visited so many doctors, chiropractor and physical therapist for my condition. However, the pain was not subsided and my lift shoulder was frozen in pain. I could not be able to brush my teeth normally without lifting my left shoulder to compensate for my upper arm restriction. My left arm tends to feel numb all the time. After the first session with fern, i felt a great relieve. After 4 session with Fern, i could be able to reach healthy range of motions and comfort. Best of all, I can brush my teeth without any pain. Now i enjoy the benefits of yoga more than ever before. (Ruam, Thailand)

Thank you Fern for being such a very professional and skilful yet sincerely caring instructor. Content of each session is varied which makes every lesson interesting and enjoyable. I like that you customize every session to student’s needs and address any current issues. You teach the correct ways to execute moves to prevent strain and injury, something that other instructors seldom do. I have benefited a lot from your lessons and enjoy yoga now more than I have done before (Deanne Chong- Director, Singapore)

Upper Back Pain (Kyphosis - Hunchback)

Fern is very motivating teacher and has wonderful way of explaining the different aspects of Yoga. The Yoga sessions with Fern had an amazing impact to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
(Mina Uusitalo, Finland)

Each session is tailored to my needs. It can be adjusted if I feel more pain in certain areas or depending if I feel tired of stressed. Fern is very professional and she knows exactly what to do. Some sessions will be spent on more energetic exercises through Yogaflow or dynamic exercises in Power Yoga. At other times, when i feel tired, sessions will be more focused on the stretching and gentle toning to boost my energy level . Yoga, Pilates and other therapeutic techniques are well integrated in each session.  Fern is very flexible and has the knowledge to adapt her lessons to any needs. (Cathy- France)

Upper Back Scoliosis
Among the poses given by Fern, I find that the cat pose is extremely useful for me. I need it very much to lengthen my spine as I have minor scoliosis at the upper back area. In the past, I did cat pose but it was not very effective. After Fern showed me how to do the pose correctly, I am now able to feel the difference it makes in lengthening my spine. I really thank her a lot for the detailed guidance on what is suitable for my needs and conditions. With committed daily practice, I am confident that I will be able to benefit more from yoga practice as a healing tool rather than a physical exercise. 
(Peiwei, Malaysia)

Lower Back and Sacrum Pain
"Yesterday afternoon and today, my back pain went worse. I woke up with still the same pain, but worse. Now, after I did the exercises (JFS), I feel much better. In fact, at the time I'm writing I'm not suffering at all. I hope this will continue like that."
(Geraldine, France)

In just 5 sessions, Fern managed to unfreeze my lower back!
(Shel Watt, South Africa)

Hips, Knees, Shin Plints
Fern is an amazing and awesome teacher. She's very friendly and easy to talk to. She listens to your feedbacks on the exercises and improves them all the time. She's really dedicated to helping you get rid of your pain. I came to her with pain in my hip joints and knees and general tightness in my calves and hamstrings along with the occasional shin splints. The pain in my hip improved drastically after doing exercises I learnt in the first lesson and my shin splints have lessen to the point that they no longer bother me - all these within the first few classes! My problem with the knee pains and tightness have also improved significantly and they continue to improve as long as I do my exercises.

Lower Back, Hips, Knees Pain
After 1.5 months of regular personalized yoga therapy sessions, I feel that my flexibility has increased and my legs and gluteus are more toned. I can now walk up and down the stairs without kneecap pain. I also used to wake up with neck and/or back pain, but after the sessions with Fern, I can now wake up with little or no pain at all due to the yoga stretches and toning.
(David, Singapore)

I have constant chronic lower back and sacrum pain for 5 months. I
had seeked help from doctors but it was not successful. However, pain has gone after 2 yoga sessions! I felt bit tightness after riding on a long bumpy bus trip in India recently. But I am fine now again.
(Wije- Singapore)

Hips and Legs Injury
Fern was able to pinpoint the muscle problems that I had and explain exactly which areas of my body that I should work on. She managed to treat the cause of my long-term injury, resulting in much faster healing. All in all, she is great therapist i would recommend to others, and of course, continue using myself.
(Vidhya, Singapore)

Knees Pain, Bow Legs
What I like about Fern's lessons is that she personalizes it for each person according to their structure and limitations. She's able to do this because she's very knowledgeable about how the muscles and bones work together according to body structure. Fern is also a caring teacher and a great encourager, who's able to motivate and share her life experiences with others for them to learn. (Stephanie-Singapore)

Lower Back and leg pain
Condition: “Backache and tingling sensation on right leg. Started many years ago and getting worse now require pain relief medications. Daily. Could not sleep well at night”
After 10 sessions no more tingling sensation on right leg, pain is almost gone. It used to take 2-3 hours for me to fall asleep, and sleep was disturbed every 1.5 hours due to discomfort and pain. Now I can fall asleep within 30 mins and can sleep soundly for 4 hours. You did a great job Fern!”


I really have enjoyed Yoga sessions with Fern. She is able to personalise the variations for each of us as we all have specific physical requirements and limitations.
(Catherine Turpin, France)

I have taken never practiced yoga in my life but after being introduced to Fern Yoga, I love yoga now! After work, I am usually tired, but after a session with Fern, I feeling refreshed. Best of all, I can now sleep well and no longer suffer from constipation. That's why I love Fern's lessons.
(Maki, Japan)

I practice yoga at home with a friend with Fern as our instructor. I like the flexibility that she is able to offer us in terms of timing and needs from week to week. She is able to alter the session according to what we felt our bodies needed each week (e.g. more stretching vs. more cardio). It is amazing to see the changes such as increased flexibility within the session and in the long term, more muscle strength and better knowledge of our body's capabilities! I also particularly like that Fern is very knowledgeable and is able to provide clear and logical answers to our questions when in doubt of why or what we are doing.
(Sheryl, Singapore)

Fern is very motivating teacher and has wonderful way of explaining the different aspects of Yoga. The Yoga sessions with Fern had an amazing impact to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
(Mina Uusitalo, Finland)

I opted for Fern to conduct personalised sessions at my home where I feel relaxed. She is flexible with our sometimes erratic timing. I personally enjoy the pace and flow of the yoga she teaches. She is able to adapt to my style, fitness level and flexibility, thereby creating a customized routine for me each week. She pays attention to the small details, ensuring my body is correctly aligned in all the various positions. This is something I often find missing in some of the bigger classes I have attended.
(Vidhya, Singapore)

“Fern has inspired my interest in pilates and yoga. Her instructions are clear and precise and I enjoy the lessons conducted by her. I feel fresh and invigorated after every session. It is sad that she will no longer be teaching us.”
(Chong Yin Chan, Singapore)

I like your professional attitude and your competence and especially appreciate the attention you pay to details for each of us: correct posture, correct position ...
I feel well during class and also afterwards and I love the smell of essential oils and the short relaxation sessions at the end of each class.
(Sabrina, France)

Through your lessons, I start to know Yoga more and fall in love with it
(Chin Wen, Taiwan)

“I would like to show my appreciation for your coaching in the Pilate Class. Since I started with the class, my health has improved.
(Yap Bee Lin, Singapore)

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