Fern Yoga Therapy´┐╝

An Integrative Therapy Approach for Pain, Posture Alignments and Fitness



Fern Yoga Therapy Course

This is an individual class. Integrative Structural Yoga Therapy combines multi-disciplinary benefits from Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Manipulation, Aromatherapy and other healing techniques obtain musculo-skeletal balance, to reduce and eliminate chronic pain and achieve general well being.
The recommended 10 session program (up to 3 months) is custom tailored to each student after a series of consultations which include interviews and physical assessment, during which the individual's nature of pain, joint stability, ranges of motion and muscle strength/weakness are determined. A specific yoga practice is then designed, monitored and adapted throughout the course of therapy to achieve optimum results.The client are expected to have consulted with doctor before.

Program Description
The recommended program lasts up to 10 sessions over 3 months . Candidates are advised to meet up with therapist at least once a week and commit to additional self-practice of 30 minutes / day three times a week. You can also opt for single sessions.

Program steps are:
Initial Intake, Range of Motion and Muscle Strength Assessments.
Initial findings and Practices with detailed explanations
Reassessment to check improvement. New Recommendations and Practices
Home practices given (packages only)

Initial Consultation (30mins) - FREE : to understand more about Fern Yoga Therapy, how it works and if it is suitable for your condition.
Therapy course of 10 sessions (1-hr per session): from SGD 1400 (with personalised exercise sheet for home practice)
Fee is subject to change without prior notice.
Venue: Serangoon Gardens or on demand
Home-based or corporate sessions are available with additional charge ($20-$50)

***Contact Fern for Free Initial Consultation***

Pain Relief session

This single session aims to reduce your chronic nagging pains through different healing techniques such as MET, Pressure Points, Active and Passive Stretches. You will likely feel much better, lighter after the class. Strongly recommended for people who are suffering from nagging pain that nothing seems to help.

Shoulders, Neck and Upper Back (coporate class)

This therapy class works on stiffness or pain at neck, shoulders and back due to long hours of desk/computer work. It aims to loosen tight muscles, relieve pain, improve posture alignments. Class duration is 45 mins to 1 hr. Fee is from $140/ session subject to 10 session course.

Lower Back, Hips

This therapy class focuses on lower back, core and hips. It aims to relieve pain, loosen tight muscles, strengthen core and improve posture alignments. Class duration is 1 hour. Fee is from $140/1 hr session subject to 10 session course.

Integrative Yoga/Yogalates

Integrative Yoga is a complete and comprehensive fusion of Yoga and Pilates. Particular attention is paid to improving body alignments, building strength and endurance in the body’s core postural muscles. This promotes “core stability” which enhances spinal/pelvic awareness, protecting the spine against injury while supporting the internal organs and promoting good posture. The Pilates thoracic (chest) breathing is incorporated during execution of exercises to help increase lung capacity and enhance stamina and endurance. This breath activates the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles helping to protect and strengthen the lower back, tone the belly, trim the waist and assist with core stability. Yoga Pranayama breathing techniques are also introduced during sessions. From $40/1hr session
Venue: Serangoon Gardens or Home Visits

Yoga Flow

YogaFlow is characterized by the practice of a series of Yoga poses and accompanied by riding the breath in order to flow from one pose to another. Each Posture is started slowly with focus on body alignments and moves on to slightly fluid movements and even dynamic movements of power yoga with respect to readiness of participants. It provides a wonderful workout for the mind and body. It is very effective program to build strength and stamina, improve your ability to focus, release tension, and tone the body in a very short time. Small group size up to 8 pax!

Venue: Serangoon Gardens or home visits
Fee from $40/session (subject to 10 sessions after a paid trial)

Personal Consultation

This is an individual session. Analyse body gait, posture, muscle weakness and imbalances through a series of exercises. Recommendations for dos and don't during executions/ transitions of poses in order to maximise benefits of your exercises and minimise the risk of injure: SGD $180/ session. Duration 1-1.5Hr
* Strongly recommended for people who are keen on exploiting the most suitable and effective variations of yoga postures.

Individual Integrative Structural Yoga Therapy /Private Classes ranges from $140 per 1 hour session.
Yoga / Pilates Group Class packages start from $400 for 10 sessions
Home Visits additional $20-$50/session
Fee is subject to change without prior notice.